Partner with El Schatteler

Want to grow with us? We are a very young company and growing at a rapid pace. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join us at different capacities.

Affiliation: Do you have a great fan following? Are you part of 164 WhatsApp groups? Time to put those groups to use. Be our affiliate and introduce your friends and family to our beautiful products. Every time they shop with us, we would compensate you with something special. Sounds interesting? Cool!

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Our affiliates earn regularly through a long term meaningful partnership with us. As an affiliate you receive exclusive offers and products for your circle. So your friends and family receive the best deal while you can have your secure second income.

Influencer: Are you a mini (or big) celebrity in social media? Does your followers go gaga over your beauty or sense of fashion? Great. We would love your help to spread word about us to your followers. In return, we will do our best to make you happy. 🙂

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You can promote our brand through your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram etc.. We would be having a generous revenue sharing agreement where more of your followers purchase, more is your compensation. And we would offer special discount to your followers as well.

Reseller: Do you own a business where you wanna sell our products? That’s fantastic. Nothing makes us more happier to reach more amazing people with our amazing products.

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If you purchase us in wholesale, we would support you with creatives, VM collaterals, online advertisements and complimentary data analytics. Also we would be happy to take back a part of your unsold inventory at end of the season.

We are looking forward to have you part of our ever growing family. Anything else on your mind? We would love to chat up. Click here to connect over WhatsApp.